The PEX team is available to consult port operations around the world. For a glimpse into our experience, see below highlights. Reach us at to begin the conversation.


Scoping in 3 major ports in Asia

Transformation advisory for a major port in Europe


Re-design of CHESS (TSB CHE dispatcher similar to Prime-route) with reduced truck turn time and empty distance by 20%

Design of auto-ship planning in CATOS used for 90% of the plans

Project management for a version upgrade of CATOS to 7.5 including QA, training, execution and migration – migration was complete in 20”, the port closed for the planned 4 hours and there were 0 major errors for the next 2 years

The PEX team also shares weekly Thought Leadership (the Weekly Port of Call and blog posts) on LinkedIn around the latest port happenings. Stay up to date by following along here [].

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